A Visit to BootHill

2015-07-02 07:54:59 by shaunoink

I made a new animation. Please watch it.


Also please visit my website: thirdmillstudios.com

And follow me on instagram: @shlupty


New effort

2014-09-11 19:08:42 by shaunoink

I'm tired of working on big projects that take a lot of effort. I'm doing a few small projects based on a single one word prompt made up by a friend. I make it all in a week lazily. I hope you like a few of them. This weeks word was Scrumptious.


If you have any word ideas, send them here on Mondays and I might do them for the next week.

thanks guys,

-Shaun JAmes

Something new For You!

2009-01-24 17:00:02 by shaunoink

Well NIGHTm.c.a has to be put on hold because my voice actors are not being very helpful, and my sound guy disappeared, so It delayed me about a whole year. So I'm putting it on the back burner for now, but I got something NEW and DONE for you!!

Its called The Insashable Kack and It is my very first 3D animation EVER!!! it took me about 3 mounts and am very proud of it. hears the youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhmO0uT tidY

Also here is a weird hand drawn animation too, but its not as cool, also it is in really bad quality.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfPK4bQ fKl0

Something new For You!


2008-04-28 00:03:56 by shaunoink

Well its about two mouths into planing and production for the first episode NIGHTm.c.a, Its gonna rock so hard!!! Its by far the best thing I have ever made in flash, take a look at the picture below if you don't believe me.

Also for those of you who ask, I already made the first episode about 2 in a half years ago and just posted it a few months ago. the one I'm making now is not quite the same story,the way the story goes now is that the one already posted is more of the second episode, and the one I'm making now is the true first episode, but don't worry, I'll remake the old one too to fit the new style and story. the biggest difference is that I'm a billion times better at animating now, and my writing has improved a lot! so your all in for a real treat.

Oh and I forgot to mention that mkron is making all my music, so it will have an original score as well, you should all check him out.

p.s. look at my old posts if you want to see different pictures from this project


More Update to NIGHTm.c.a

2008-02-04 19:53:12 by shaunoink

So here is another concept sketch of my new series NIGHTm.c.a, looks cool If you ask me. And as for audio I might have a guy, he's looking good, so da rest of ya BUG OFF! Hope yha'll like. tell me what you think.

More Update to NIGHTm.c.a

ATTENTION All Sound Wizzes! Be apart of something great!

2008-02-03 00:09:38 by shaunoink

So after what seems an eternity (only two months) My new/old Project NIGHTm.c.a is finally going somewhere. The first of the scripts is finished and the other five are being worked on. Anyways I write because I need help with audio. By that I don't want sound actors, I just want someone who could come up with a bitch'en audio track for my series, so...


IF you have any questions about the project just ask and if your interested PM me.

I included some concept sketches of the main character Mif to show some of the stuff I got, also the backgrounds won't look like that. so help if you can

OH! wait! I forgot to mention one more thing. If you look at my movie lists you'll see that their already is a NIGHTm.c.a Pt. 1 well disregard that. It was made almost two years ago and I'm way better now, also don't go to that to see what kind of music I'm looking for, its not it.

Love JAmes

ATTENTION All Sound Wizzes! Be apart of something great!

project update

2007-11-18 03:46:04 by shaunoink

Okay so I'm putting some other projects to the side and starting another oneish-two.

The first is totally new and that is a point and click interactive movie/game, mostly movie.

The other is to start to continue my NIGHTm.c.a serise. I haven't worked on the project for over a year now and I just summited the first part and most people enjoyed it. If at all possable I would like to work with someone as a claboritive work, so if anyone likes it and wants to work on the project PM me.

Last but not least, the reason my other projects are on hold because I can't find good voice acting, If you want to help on that are just want more Info, PM me baby!

What Is Up

2007-11-04 01:15:35 by shaunoink

working On a new animation today, It's a public servise anounsment.
after that I might get to work on my old man crab baby shorts... I know that the last one kind of really sucked but I rushed a lot for the Halloween deadline. Also I have Another movie in the works called NIGHTm.c.a But that one shouldn't start poping up for some time.